About Me

My name is Ryan Basava Reddi and I’m a Junior Physics major and Math minor at Carleton College. I chose to come to this school because of its liberal arts curriculum. I envisioned that this make me grow into a well- rounded individual, and develop communication skills as well as team spirit. I am now using such soft skills in the context of my own small company which I founded a few years ago. This organization’s aim is to help students navigate through their academic journey by providing them with personalized and interactive tutoring services. I am therefore communicating with students and tutors in the organization regularly.

In regards to long-term goals, I can see myself as a university professor and/or researcher in Mathematics or Physics in the future. I would like my work to be on the theoretical side. That is, I want to be able to observe natural phenomena in the physical world and thereafter make mathematical models to describe these processes and allow us to make predictions. To illustrate an example, Albert Einstein was a theorist who invented General Relativity to explain gravity.

Socially, I hope that I am able to enlarge my network of friends so as to have more intellectual discussions and have more fun too!